Gender Pay Gap

Gender Pay Gap Reporting as at April 2017

  • Mean Gender pay gap                  27.8%
  • Median Gender pay gap               28.4%
  • Mean Bonus Gender pay gap       68.9%
  • Median Bonus Gender pay gap    34.5%

Quartile breakdown:

  • Lower Quartile Male                      11%
  • Lower Quartile Female                  89%
  • Lower Middle Quartile Male          17%
  • Lower Middle Quartile Female      83%
  • Upper Middle Quartile Male          22%
  • Upper Middle Quartile Female      78%
  • Upper Quartile Male                      39%
  • Upper Quartile Female                  61%

At Scrivens Opticians & Hearing Care we have always been committed to treating our people equally and ensuring that everyone, irrespective of ethnicity, background or gender, can progress and develop in direct proportion to their individual talent, ability, diligence and commitment.

The gender pay gap simply shows the difference in the average hourly earnings of men and women regardless of their roles in a business. Our gap is not caused by men and women being paid differently to do the same job but rather by the inherent nature of the structure of a workforce working within the retail sector whereby many more women than men are employed in customer-facing roles within our stores.

Our workforce is split 78% women to 22% men, a statistic we are proud of and one that enables a great many women the opportunity to develop challenging and rewarding careers with us.

I can confirm the data contained within this report is accurate.

Nicholas Georgevic,
Chief Executive

April 2018