Our Lens Manufacturers

Over the years, we have refined our lens range to provide you with the very best choice from the leading names in lens design. We work with market-leading manufacturers to select lenses that not only provide excellent vision, to cater for all requirements, but also offer value for money.

Below is an overview of the lens manufacturers that we work with.


Essilor is renowned for creating the world’s first varifocal lens, the Varilux lens in 1959. A world leader in Ophthalmic products, Essilor has operations all over Europe, North and South America and Asia. For every two varifocal lenses sold worldwide, one is an Essilor lens. For every three plastic lenses sold, one is an Essilor lens, making it one of the most competitive brands for lenses out there.

The Essilor brand is innovative and is evident in it’s use of cutting edge technology. There are four leading brands within the Essilor range. Varilux varifocal lenses, which meets the needs of every presbyopic customer. Airwear polycarbonate lenses, light, and ideal for all outdoor and sport activities. Crizal lenses with multiple coatings, offering a variety of protection for your eyes. Finally Transitions, photochromic lenses which are reactive lenses and offer even more protection against glare.


Carl Zeiss has had a large involvement in research of lenses for over 150 years, with the aim to provide perfect vision for customers and patients. Zeiss have developed specialised lenses to suit different prescriptions and needs, such as medical and sport. Zeiss is constantly evolving and finding innovative ways to improve lenses, using different raw materials.

Zeiss provide high quality and high precision lenses which enhance colour, brightness, offer UV protection and help reduce stress on the eyes. Zeiss progressive lenses offer a natural and balanced vision and with access to cutting edge technology. They have created the toughest coating yet with DuraVision and also produce self-tinting PhotoFusion lenses, as well as I Scription technology which helps improve vision at night. The use of all this technology and research allows the wearer to customise the lenses to their own needs.

New Zeiss DriveSafe lenses are now available, click here to find out more.


‘The world’s finest lenses’ is a title often associated with Nikon, who have been providing millions of people worldwide with the most trusted and high quality optical products since 1917. Nikon started off manufacturing high quality optical glass, and went on to include the optical lens in many of their other products such as medical equipment and cameras. Nikon prides itself on product innovation, quality and durability.

Nikon ophthalmic lenses offer exceptional visual performance and optimum protection due to the use of industry leading ophthalmic lens technology. Nikon created the first customised single vision lens allowing you to tailor your lens to you specific requirements. Nikon has a vast knowledge of coatings and because of this was able to create an ultra-thin coating for optical lenses. Nikon offer a variety of coatings which all provide three key benefits, scratch resistance, anti-reflection and advanced light control. Finally the water and dust repellent properties which make them easier and quicker to clean.


In 1990 Transitions Optical were the first company to introduce a plastic photo-chromic lens which allows the lens to adjust and adapt to the change of light. Transitions Optical have been extensively researching and developing photo-chromic lenses for over 20 years. Transitions Optical offer a vast selection of materials, designs and a variety of lens combinations making them the top recommended photo-chromic lenses in the world.

Transition Optical are continuously working to create innovative products that will improve darkness, colour, response time to light, clarity and the speed of fading in and out of light. With the use of cutting edge technology, Transitions Optical have created lenses that turn dark when exposed to UV light. They offer the ultimate in comfort and protection against UVA and UVB rays whilst reducing glare and help prevent tired eyes. The lenses can be customised to fit any prescription and frame.