What are DriveSafe Lenses?

ZEISS have pioneered an everyday lens that reduces glare, improves vision in low-light conditions and offers accurate vision when changing focus between the road, your dashboard and your mirrors. This new varifocal lens design features Luminance Design Technology, coupled with the premium anti reflective DriveSafe coating.

Available in both single vision and varifocal lenses, this high-performing, everyday lens will help you overcome any fears you may have when driving in tough conditions, as well as any visual discomfort you may face in your everyday life.

How do they work?

Throughout the day our eyes are exposed to varying amounts of light, the lighter your surroundings the smaller your pupil and vice versa. Traditional eyewear lenses don’t accommodate for this change.

DriveSafe Lenses from ZEISS stand out from the crowd because their optimised lens design accommodates the wearer’s enlarged pupil diameter when driving in poor light. Another benefit of the lens design is the increased contrast, which improves vision in unpleasant weather.

Who are Zeiss?

Zeiss are one of the world’s leading manufacturers of spectacle lenses, with a history in optical research spanning more than 170 year, click here to find out more about Zeiss.

Reduced glare at night from oncoming vehicles Better vision in low-light conditions Accurate view of the road, dashboard and mirrors
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* Internal wearer trial (CZV employees in Germany), external wearer trial (eye care professionals and consumers in Spain)