Hearing awareness month

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Every year during the month of November, we like to raise awareness of hearing health and how important it is to get your hearing checked every two years or more often in some cases. Research has shown six million people could benefit from hearing aids but only approximately two million people use them. We conducted a study, polling 1000 individuals over 60, focusing on hearing awareness.

Our research revealed most people are unaware of the link between untreated hearing loss and dementia, so it’s never been more important to seek out help and support.

Take a look at the interesting results from our study in the diagram below:

Hearing Health is imperative to overall general health with links to balance, socialisation and dementia which is why we recommend an annual free hearing health check for everyone who is over 50 and every two years for those over 40.

Take a look at some of our customer testimonials below:

‘I am absolutely delighted with my new hearing aids. I had no idea that they would actually make such a huge and happy improvement to my life!’

(A Thank You card sent into one of our branches)

‘Wow! I didn’t realise how bad my hearing had got, I can hear the birds now’

(A customer who had upgraded to new hearing aids)

‘Even my balance issues have improved since having these hearing aids’

(A customer under hospital care for balance health issues who purchased some Phonak Hearing Aids as her hearing loss was getting worse)

‘The hearing aids are amazing and so discreet!’

(A customer who was screened, tested and fitted with hearing aids in 2 weeks)

‘These are the most comfortable aids in the 20 years I’ve been wearing them’

(A customer who was unhappy with his previous hearing aids)


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