Hearing Awareness Month


Take the Hearing Check Challenge!

As part of Hearing Awareness Month 2019 we are challenging you to get your hearing checked for free at your local branch. Hearing loss affects 1 in 6 adults in the UK¹, and living with a hearing loss can affect many aspects of our day to day lives.
Maybe you’re struggling to hear people in a group, finding it hard to hear the television, or generally having issues communicating when out in social situations. Our free hearing checks take a matter of minutes, and easily identify whether you may need assistance in your hearing or not.

Hearing loss and dementia

Recent studies have shown a strong link between hearing loss and dementia. Research has found that hearing loss can increase the risk of developing dementia by up to five times², but also found that we could reduce dementia risk by a third if we all took action from midlife³.
Dementia is a disease that currently affects over 850,000 people in the UK⁴ . Taking the hearing check challenge could help identify a hearing loss and delay the onset of dementia by 75%⁵, and at the very least improve many aspects of your day to day life.

Have YOU been accused of selective hearing?

We appear to be a nation that ‘suffers’ from selective hearing, with seven in 10 of us thinking that our partner pretends not to hear certain things. We went to the streets to ask the public if they’ve ever experienced ‘selective hearing’.
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Source: ¹Hearing Link. ²Action on Hearing Loss. ³University of Exeter. ⁴Alzheimer’s Society. ⁵University of Manchester.

Online hearing test

If you are concerned about your hearing, or that of a loved one, why not take our simple online hearing test to find out whether you may benefit from a free hearing health check?

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