Hearing Awareness Month 2022

Every year, in November, we encourage people to get their hearing checked. As many as 1 in 5 people in the UK suffer from some form of hearing loss. And although as we age our hearing can get worse, hearing loss isn’t exclusive to those over 70 – with an eye opening 40% of those aged 50+ having a hearing loss. That’s why we recommend an annual free hearing health check for everyone who is over 50 and every two years for those over 40.

Left untreated, hearing loss can lead to a lot of missed precious moments and social isolation – with evidence of a link to developing dementia too.

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Hearing Awareness Month infographic 2022

Mike and Jessica’s Hearing Journeys

71% of hearing aid wearers wish they got them sooner. Take a look at Mike and Jessica’s stories to find out more about their experiences with hearing loss and the benefits hearing aids have had on their lives.


Still not convinced you need a free hearing health check? Click the link below to read about some of the common signs of hearing loss that you may have dismissed!

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