Itchy ears

What are itchy ears?

Itchy ears are a very common issue and the odd irritation every now and again is not a cause for concern. However, persistent itchy ears can be a sign of an ear infection (like swimmer’s ear), allergies or a build-up of earwax.

What treatment is available?

Our ears are very delicate, so no matter how itchy your ears are, try not to poke anything in to ease the itch. It’s best to book an appointment with your GP to find the cause and start treatment. They may recommend steroid or antibiotic ear drops.

Ways to prevent itchy ears?

It isn’t always possible to prevent the onset of itchy ears, however if you are aware of the cause there are methods you can take:

  • Cause: earwax build up. Preventative method: Don’t try and clean your ears yourself, get them professionally cleaned. Find out more about ear wax cleaning here.
  • Cause: Allergies. Preventative method: Due to there being many different allergies that can cause ear irritation, you should always consult a GP for the correct advice.