Free Varifocals for NHS Voucher Customers

Free Varifocals for NHS Voucher Customers

We have a fantastic offer for anyone with an NHS spectacle voucher. Not only will we give you a free pair of glasses with standard lenses, but we are now offering varifocals free as part of the package!

Varifocal lenses are the best option to correct near, intermediate and distance vision, by combining your prescriptions within a single lens. So there’s no need to buy two pairs of glasses!

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Terms and Conditions:
  • Offer applies until further notice
  • Offer applies to NHS spectacle voucher holders E and F with a reading and distance prescription only
  • Offer is based on the Scrivens Standard lenses only
  • Upgrades are available based on NHS price list and payment of additional supplement
  • Offer can be withdrawn at any time and is subject to availability
  • Cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer

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