Give contact lenses a sporting chance

Post on 12th August 2016

The start of a new football season ranks highly in the sporting calendar so prepare for passion for our national game to be reignited when the Premier League kicks off this weekend.

The Premier superstars may grab the headlines but make no mistake there’ll be passion aplenty too from the footballers keeping it real in the lower leagues around the country as boys and girls, men and women pull on their boots to go for goal.

With their sights set on a new season it’s a good time to consider the benefits of wearing contact lenses when playing football or indeed many other sports.

They can certainly be a game changer when compared to spectacles. In the physical demands of a sport they won’t slide down your nose, fall off, mist up in the rain, break or hurt your face should you collide with another player.

Contact lenses may not greatly enhance your sporting prowess, but they certainly offer a practical, safe and comfortable alternative to glasses.

Contact lenses provide all-round vision to give a wider field of view for the sportsman and sportswoman, they allow more stable vision and better depth perception, plus fewer distortions and fewer reflections.

There is greater stability with less risk of dislodging contact lenses. They are not affected by fogging up or rain and there is less risk of damage to the lens during wear in the rough and tumble of a game. Repairing damage to your glasses is a more costly alternative to binning disposable lenses.

With safety in mind a number of sports also recommend eye protection and it is easier to use protective eyewear with contact lenses.

Thanks to new designs and materials contact lenses are now more comfortable than ever before, providing exceptional vision for those who require correction, even those people with a multifocal perspective.

If you would like to learn more about contact lenses as a better fit for your lifestyle call into a Scrivens branch for advice. You can find details of your nearest one on our home page.