Glasses and the big screen

Post on 19th February 2016

One way of persuading your child to wear their glasses is to emphasise how their favourite movie characters can’t be without them. How would Harry Potter perform magic the way he does without his signature round specs? Marcie from the latest Snoopy and Charlie Brown: The Peanuts Movie is also a fountain of all knowledge thanks to her glasses! Turning the need to wear glasses into something fun and relatable will give your child the confidence they just may well need.

Let your child channel their inner movie character with the Scrivens Opticians range of character-inspired glasses. We can all relate to fictional figures on the big screen being idolised by our little ones, but have you ever thought of getting your child some fun frames to match their favourite film?

As everyone’s favourite Disney film, we have a dedicated Frozen glasses range to treat your little princess to something special. Frozen ‘Love’, ’Snowflake’ and ‘Princess’ are just some of the options your little girl can get excited about. For those sci-fi lovers, Star Wars ‘Galaxy’, ‘Starship’ and ‘Tyranny’ are a playful preference for Force Awakens fans.

Kids often make film judgements and interpretations based on what they see, therefore it’s important to ensure your child has the correct lenses and is comfortable with viewing films on a screen. At Scrivens Opticians, we want your youngster to enjoy the latest films such as Goosebumps, Alvin and the Chipmunks and Kung Fu Panda without any difficulty or strain. Take a look at some of our children’s frames available here.