Glasses for teens – top picks

Post on 10th February 2016

When it comes to looking cool at school, the glasses choice for your son or daughter is an important decision to be made. At Scrivens Opticians, we understand that you must feel comfortable in your glasses choice, as well as choosing a pair that will suit your face shape and protect eyesight. Our prescription frames are easy on the eye and we have the latest selection of stylish glasses for teens to choose from.

Is your child looking for a new style? Here’s our top 6 picks for girls and boys…

For the girls:

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1. This stylish cat-eye shaped frame is a feminine style that has a history stemming back to the 1950s – £69MER M140322

2. Less is more with this classic pair of frames and the hints of both gold and brown are trendy for teens! – £99MER M140323
3. This distinctive silhouette is available in a striking red colour and is a popular choice for those looking to make a statement – £49S130266

For the boys:

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1. If your teen is looking to mix things up in the classroom, this on-trend pair of clear and black frames should definitely be on your radar – £139MER M140353GR

2. Keeping things classic, the thick width of these rectangular black frames are sure to suit a number of face shapes – £69MER S130259
3. Add a splash of colour and stay top of the class with a unique blue pair of prescription glasses – £89S130261

Of course, we have a varied range of shapes and styles in our Scrivens Opticians branches so there will definitely be something to suit everyone. Find your nearest branch here and book in with one of our friendly team to check the eyes of your teen!