Keep a clear view on summer eye problems

Post on 10th August 2016

Summer is a time for fun and sun when we can relax and recharge the batteries, but the season also brings with it common eye problems.

In dry and dusty weather there is a greater chance of irritants being carried on the wind which can cause sore eyes or conjunctivitis.

While the condition can be treated with medication, it is not pleasant and is also contagious. So avoid contact with people who have such symptoms and be a stickler on hygiene, washing your hands regularly and not sharing items like towels to help prevent the spread of infection.

People who have a problem with dry eye can find this exacerbated in a hot and dry climate when the tear film on the eye gets evaporated faster, causing a burning sensation and irritation in the eye. It means they’ll have to reach for eye drops more frequently if their eyes are unable to moisten themselves.

Eye allergies are a common problem in the summer with more dust, pollen and other substances in the air. Along with itchy eyes there are also symptoms such as coughing, runny noses, dark circles around the eyes and watery eyes.

Decongestants, eye drops and nasal sprays are usual treatments but remember you can take other action too. Wearing sunglasses helps by acting as a barrier against such allergens – as well as reducing the harmful effect of UV rays on the eyes.

Cleaning your eyes with clean cold water frequently, using a cold compress to reduce itching and avoiding dusty environments are advisable. Another tip which may help is to wear goggles when you go for a swim to protect your eyes.

Whether you have an allergy or not, protecting your eyes from strong sunlight is a key consideration because of the damage it can cause. Be sun smart by wearing appropriate sunglasses and a hat and seeking shade during the hottest part of the day.

Whatever summer means for you, take sensible precautions and enjoy it.

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