Look for the signs that say your child has vision problems

Post on 9th March 2016

Keeping an eye on toddlers is no easy task and when it comes to their welfare we know to be on full alert.

That certainly applies to their eye health so here are some signs to look out for in your youngster which could indicate vision problems.

There could be cause for concern, for example, if your child is constantly rubbing his/her eyes or regularly complains of headaches or has pains in the eye.

If your child has a tendency to squint or close one eye while watching television or reading, or has to be very close to the screen or book to see properly, it’s certainly advisable to have a check-up.

Other tell-tale signs are tilting the head to one side, an aversion to bright light and redness in the eyes. If you spot some of these signs, then we recommend making an appointment with your local optician.

At Scrivens Opticians & Hearing Care we believe it is better to be safe than sorry. Sight tests are free on the NHS for children, so there’s nothing to lose!  If you have any concerns call into your local branch for advice or to book an eye test.

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