Scrivens show their support for the British Tinnitus Association

Post on 24th July 2015

Scrivens Opticians & Hearing Care has pledged its support of the British Tinnitus Association (BTA) by signing up as a Corporate Member, helping to raise awareness of tinnitus and to support the BTA’s services helping those affected by the condition.

The BTA is the only national UK charity solely dedicated to those with tinnitus – a term that describes the sensation of hearing a noise in the absence of an external sound. For the last 35 years the charity has supported the one in ten people in the UK who experience tinnitus and in particular the 10% of those with tinnitus who find it severely affects their quality of life.

Scrivens Opticians & Hearing Care’s director Mark Georgevic said: “We see being a member of the BTA as central to our customer focused care. At least half of our hearing customers suffer from tinnitus, which can be extremely distressing, so being able to offer up to the minute understanding of the condition and being able to refer to the BTA is hugely beneficial for all concerned. The BTA do a great deal in terms of research, training and outreach support for sufferers and is a charity that we are very happy to support.”

Helen Goldsby-West, Head of Fundraising and Development for the British Tinnitus Association, said: “Last year, the BTA supported over 335,000 people. To do this, we are reliant upon the generous donations of our fundraisers and supporters, and contributions from businesses like [your company name]. We receive no government support and need to raise over £750,000 this year to continue our much needed work. The Corporate Membership scheme is a great way for organisations to demonstrate their commitment to our work and the wider tinnitus community. We are extremely grateful to Scrivens for their backing in our endeavours.