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Shining spotlight on dementia

Post on 7th October 2022

Branch staff showed their fun side when they got behind Dementia Action Week (16-22 May) to raise funds and awareness for Alzheimer’s Society.

Some turned back the clock to the bright colours of 80s fashion to ‘make a noise’ about the issue and held bake sales, while colleagues at Havant adopted vintage inspired tea dresses for their charity tea party.

The eye-catching efforts engaged customers and shone a spotlight on an issue that affects increasing numbers of people in our communities.

Dementia Action Week is Alzheimer’s Society’s biggest and longest running awareness campaign.

Scrivens is in its seventh year of supporting the charity. There is evidence of a link between uncorrected hearing loss and dementia, including Alzheimer’s. Donations are gratefully received because of the need for continued research and support.