Small hearing devices could herald big change

Post on 23rd February 2016

Advances in hearing aid technology have come on leaps and bounds so they are smaller, more effective and more socially acceptable.

Despite this some people feel they still retain a stigma and remain ‘uncool’ so they put up with poor hearing rather than putting in a hearing aid.

By contrast, using smart audio devices or ‘hearables’ to listen to music from mobile devices is seen as cool, and in the world of ‘cool’ Apple is certainly up there.

Fans of the brand are awaiting the launch of the iPhone 7 smartphone this year, with rumours it will have wireless, noise cancelling earpods or earbuds and transform audio experiences.

They won’t be the first smart earbuds on the market but will no doubt raise their profile and encourage future developments. Aimed at people with normal hearing, they enhance their enjoyment of music by using an app on their phone to give them greater control of the sounds around them.

Some have likened the idea to bionic hearing which may be something of an exaggeration.

Here at Scrivens we await such developments with interest especially if it leads to greater advances in hearing aid technology which has already come a long way.

And if more people with hearing problems can be encouraged to use hearing aids because wearing small devices in the ear is more the ‘norm, then so much the better.

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