Tech worth hearing about

Post on 5th October 2015

The biggest wearable tech trend is not the latest smartwatch or fitness tracker, but a ‘smart’ hearing aid.

Bluetooth technology is changing the way people with hearing difficulties live in this fast-paced digital age. New generation hearing aids are small and discrete, connecting wirelessly with Smartphones. They allow a person to hear a phone conversation directly through their hearing aid without having to hold the phone against an ear.

The same thing goes for listening to music or watching television; Bluetooth hearing aids can pair their devices directly with Smartphones, TVs and computers.

Scrivens Opticians & Hearing Care hearing aid audiologist, Stuart Spencer, said: “Bluetooth technology is revolutionising the hearing aid market and transforming people’s lives by giving them more control. The only hurdle is convincing older customers of the benefits and to not be overwhelmed by the technology. If they can use a Smartphone, then it’s very simple to figure out how to operate a Bluetooth hearing aid.”

The volume and other settings on Bluetooth hearing aids can be controlled through mobile apps on a Smartphone or tablet or by using a remote control. They can also be paired with small, clip-on microphones, which come in handy when out with a friend in a busy restaurant or bar. The friend wears the microphone and their voice is transmitted wirelessly to the hearing aid. There are also necklace and pen styled microphone devices that allow for even greater freedom.

Stuart added: “Hearing loss can be very isolating and lead to depression and a general decline in mental wellbeing. Devices that make hearing easier for people can only be a good thing and keep those negative effects of hearing loss at bay.”

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