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10 Stylish Frames for Spring 2023

Post on 19th April 2023

Longer, brighter days are here, bringing with them the beautiful blooms of summer. When we step outside, we are greeted by a refreshing bouquet of colours, from golden yellows and bright reds to fresh greens and stunning blues.

If you are also looking at getting refreshed and revitalised to match the new season, why not consider a new pair of glasses to brighten up your look for Spring and Summer?

At Scrivens Opticians, we have over 80 years of experience, helping people choose the right frames to complement their style.

To give you some inspiration, we’ve created this guide to find the latest fashionable frames that will keep you on trend for the months ahead.

Cool Blue

Blue is the highlight of the season this spring! From bright blue skies to sparkling seas and eye-catching carpets of bluebells, blue is this season’s fashion favourite.

1. Cool Blue

Our exclusive new range has a number of vibrant, new, blue frames. Whether you are looking for a bold edgy look or a more understated with unique accents, we have a pair of blue frames to suit your style.

2. Cool Blue

Pretty Pinks

Pink is nature’s pick this time of year. From flowerbeds to blooming tree blossoms, we are immersed in a fantastic display of pink hues, ranging from the bold and bright, to the soft and subtle.

3. Pretty pinks

Whatever the occasion, pink frames are perfect for the modern fashionista and sure to get you standing out from the crowd.

4. Pretty pinks

Purple Pastels

This season, we are taking inspiration from the sights and sounds of spring. Pastels shades of purple can be observed all over the spring landscape.

5. purple pastels

From deep lavenders to soft lilacs, these purple pastel frames you are sure to find perfect hue that’s right for you and your new statement specs.

6. purple pastels

Warm Tones

If you’re not a fan of bright colours, you won’t go wrong this summer if you choose warm, neutral tones such as sun kissed browns or gold.

7. Warm tones

Always popular, classic tortoiseshell works well, or maybe you prefer a frame with a bit more character such as these beautiful wine coloured frames.

8. Warm tones

Whatever the occasion, neutral colours will go with just about any other colour, pattern or style.

Classic Black

9. Classic Black

Black isn’t a colour that we tend to associate with spring and summer, but don’t let that stop you! Bold black frames are fashionable no matter the time of year, and can be easily styled to work with any outfit. Perfect for everyday wear.

10. Sunglasses

Let’s not forget, black is the go to colour when it comes to sunglasses. Whether you are going for the definitive aviator or prefer the thicker framed, retro cool look, we’ve got you covered with prescription sunglasses this summer.

So, when you are planning your spring/summer look don’t forget to consider your eyewear, to add that finishing touch to your wardrobe.

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