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An eye on the future for contact lens technology

Post on 14th March 2018

It sounds like science fiction, but it could become fact within just a few years.

Researchers are working on a smart contact lens that can measure glucose levels to alert people with diabetes when their blood sugar levels are too low. They have in-built transparent electronics to monitor glucose levels from tears in the eye.

Although not tested on people yet, but trialled in rabbits, the South Korean boffins behind them believe that with enough funding they could be commercially viable in five years.

Previous attempts to develop such products have failed because they were too bulky and uncomfortable and too expensive to produce.

While such technology may be for the future, there’s no doubt today’s contact lenses have already come a long way. They are comfortable, convenient and affordable and offer a great alternative to wearing glasses.

Daily disposables are the most popular, with no cleaning or solutions required. Then there are contact lenses that can be worn during the day for two weeks or a month before being disposed off. These are placed in solution for eight hours every night.

Or you could opt for lenses that can be worn continuously, day and night, for up to 30 consecutive days as they are made from ultra-breathable materials. There’s no cleaning required and, as with monthly and fortnightly disposable lenses, they are ideal if you rarely wear your glasses.

For more complex prescriptions there are a wide range of specialist contact lenses available. There are also Dreamvision contact lenses which correct your vision while you sleep.

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