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Be a good sport and choose contact lenses

Post on 10th July 2017

Sport is a winner all year round when it comes to staying fit and healthy and summer especially is a tempting time to brush up those sporting skills.

Whether it’s tennis, golf, cycling or a kickabout on the beach, it’s a great excuse to get outdoors and enjoy the longer days and holiday season.

It’s also a good time to up your game and consider switching from spectacles to contact lenses to give you more flexibility.

In the physical demands of a sport contact lenses won’t slide down your nose, fall off, mist up in summer showers, break or hurt your face should you collide with another player.

They offer a practical, safe and comfortable alternative to glasses.

Contact lenses provide all-round vision to give a wider field of view, allow more stable vision and better depth perception, plus fewer distortions and fewer reflections. There is also less risk of damage to the lens during wear in the rough and tumble of sport.

With safety in mind a number of sports also recommend eye protection and it is easier to use protective eyewear with contact lenses.

Today’s contact lenses are designed to be more comfortable than ever before, providing exceptional vision for those who require correction, even those people with a multifocal perspective.

Whatever your level of sporting prowess why not give them a go – it could prove a real game changer.

For advice on what types of lenses are available and what would suit your lifestyle please call into a Scrivens branch for advice.