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Be Sun Smart – Choose Sunglasses Wisely

Post on 23rd July 2021

Summer’s here, so look on the bright side, and look cool in a great pair of shades.

Sunglasses are more than a stylish fashion accessory of course; they offer protection for your eyes from damaging ultraviolet UV rays.

Just as our skin is susceptible to sun damage so too are our eyes. So just as you would put on sun cream to protect your skin, popping on sunglasses can have the same benefits for your vision.

Even on dull days UV rays can penetrate thin clouds and haze so grabbing those sunglasses should not be confined to bright summer sunshine.

If you’re thinking of updating your sunglasses here are some top tips to bear in mind

  • Choose sunglasses which are labelled UV400, as these will ensure your eyes are protected throughout the summer as they block 99 to 100% of UV light. This rating ensures that all light rays with wavelengths up to 400 nanometers, including both UVA and UVB rays, are blocked out.
  • For greater coverage consider oversized shades which help cut down on UV entering the eye from gaps.
  • Choose a shape that suits your face shape – our handy online style guide will help.
  • Finally, have fun making a choice that suits your personality too.

Have a great summer and look after your eyes to keep them healthy and reduce the chances of vision loss in the future.

Select from our range of designer sunglasses or customise your look by making any frame into sunglasses with our tinted lenses.

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