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Cheap Halloween contact lenses could have scary consequences

Post on 25th October 2017

You’ll see some frightful, scary sights this Halloween as people go to town on dressing up in ghoulish costumes and make-up.

But if you are tempted to stick cheap novelty Halloween contact lenses in your eyes to complete the look it is worth thinking again, for you could be the one feeling scared.

For while these lenses do create startling effects, and have grown in popularity, they need to be treated with caution and used properly. If not they can cause irritation and sore eyes or serious conditions such as fungal infections.

It is recommended to seek advice from your optician before using novelty contact lenses and to have regular eye tests to check the overall health of your eyes.

Your optician can fit you with coloured contact lenses that are deemed safe to use and show you how to insert and remove them properly without damaging your eye.

Rather than buying cheap lenses online, which could prove harmful if not used correctly, it is worth spending more on contact lenses from qualified opticians to give you confidence in their safety and quality.

Contact lenses in general are a great alternative to glasses, but novelty or not they need to be handled with care, cleaned and stored properly, and used according to instructions.

To avoid the risk of infections, remember the hygiene rules and never share them with other people. If you do notice any discomfort or irritation during or after wearing Halloween lenses please seek advice.

The professionals at your local Scrivens branch will be happy to help and advice on contact lens use and your eye health.