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Contact lens myth-busting

Post on 12th April 2024

Contact lenses can get lost behind the eye

The simple answer is no. This is not possible as there is a membrane that covers your eyes and connects to the inside of your eyelids, preventing anything from getting behind your eye.

Contact lenses can scratch or damage your eyes

Irritation is a very uncommon effect of contact lenses. Most often the issues that do occur are due to poorly fitted lenses or not following the opticians recommendations on lens wear and proper maintenance.

Contact lenses are difficult to put in and remove

When you purchase contact lenses, you will be shown how to put them in and how to remove them safely and with time and patience, it does get easier. After doing this a few times, it will come naturally.

Contact lenses can drop out of your eye

Properly fitted contact lenses should not fall out of your eye or even move around and generally stay in place until you remove them. However, if the lens has been put in the eye the wrong way around, this can cause them to fall out, check out our handy guide for putting in contact lenses to see how to avoid this.

Contact lenses are uncomfortable

Contact lens technology has advanced rapidly and unlike some early contact lenses, modern lenses are made from breathable moisture-rich materials and are thin and soft making them very comfortable to wear.

Contact lenses are difficult to look after

If you wear reusable contact lenses, the cleaning routine is relatively simple and comes naturally once you have done it a few times. The daily disposable contact lenses are simply discarded after use and you put in a fresh pair when you need them next.

Contact lenses are more expensive than glasses

The costs for contact lenses depend on the brand you choose and the type of lens you require just as it is with glasses. The cost difference will be more noticeable if you need to replace your eyewear as the cost of replacing a contact lens will be far cheaper than purchasing a whole new pair of glasses if they get lost or are accidently broken.

Our longstanding Lensplan scheme has been tailored to ensure you have the easiest journey with contact lenses and offers hassle free delivery direct to your door, free aftercare appointments and as a member of the Lensplan scheme you can benefit from exclusive offers too.

Contact lenses are bad for your eyes

Contact lenses are a safe option for healthy vision. As long as you stick to your maintenance routine and attend your regular aftercare appointments they will not cause any damage to your eyes.

I’m too old to wear contact lenses

Contact lenses are suitable for people of all ages. Also if you’re aged over 40 and use reading glasses, you can get suitable contact lenses for reading as an alternative to purchasing new glasses.


Now that you know more about contact lenses, we can arrange a free contact lens assessment if you’re ready to give them a try.  Click here to book your free assessment today.