Don’t let hearing loss stall your career

Post on 24th October 2016

In today’s competitive marketplace the need to work smarter and effectively to keep your career on track is a job in itself.

Anything which can hold you back, such as untreated hearing loss, should be addressed so your earnings and promotion prospects do not suffer.

One in six adults lives with some degree of hearing loss yet people often delay seeking help. But what may be seen as an inconvenience in your home and social life could have negative effects in the workplace.

Untreated hearing loss can affect your confidence so you don’t feel like speaking up, making your mark and being a good communicator. You may not want to ask colleagues to repeat themselves and you may mishear or not hear instructions and information in meetings. With so much extra concentration required in a working day it can be exhausting.

Your relationships with colleagues can also be affected if they feel you are not listening or responding or they get fed up with constant requests to repeat themselves. It may be also that you are not given tasks if people mistakenly believe you are ignoring them.

With so much at stake professionally and personally it is advisable to seek help about your hearing loss and discover the difference hearing aids can make.

It could help your career and earning potential, your relationship with colleagues and your confidence at work.

You will find professional advice and assistance at your local Scrivens Opticians & Hearing Care branch.