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Don’t lose focus if you’re feeling the pinch this January

Post on 13th January 2022

Are you feeling the pinch this January with post-festive bills and spiralling living costs? We advise that you don’t neglect your eye care and unknowingly enter into a false economy.

We can understand the struggle to budget with rising food and energy prices putting a strain on finances. There is also a perception that it doesn’t matter if we delay an eye test by deeming it an unessential cost. This couldn’t be further from the truth. Our eyes are the window to our general health and regular eye tests are essential to our wellbeing.

Our research has shown that during the pandemic, almost half (47%) of those who went for an eye test found their prescription had changed for the worse. More importantly, with face to face GP visits still reduced, having your eyes tested can be an opportunity to spot underlying health conditions such as high blood pressure, diabetes, high cholesterol and even a number of cancers or heart disease.

In addition, getting an eye test and purchasing prescription glasses doesn’t have to cost the earth and in certain circumstances the costs can even be met fully or partly by the NHS.

Children in the UK are eligible for free NHS eyecare if they are under the age of 16, but did you know that many adults can also receive free NHS eyecare? People eligible for an NHS eye test include the over 60s, under 19s who are in full-time education, those with diabetes or glaucoma, or receiving benefits. Many people can also be entitled to free glasses. The full list of eligibility can be found here.

We are here to help and guide our customers, so if in doubt we encourage anyone to ask. Even if you are not entitled to NHS eyecare, we have a fantastic range of frames that won’t leave you out of pocket and if you switch to contact lenses you can spread the cost with our Lensplan Scheme.

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