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Eye up our facts about contact lenses

Post on 29th January 2019

If you need to correct your vision and have set your sights on a new look that gives you greater flexibility and freedom, contact lenses are a great option. Here are seven facts which may sway you to make the switch.

1. Anyone can wear contact lenses

Advances in technology mean contact lenses are now available for a wide range of prescription requirements, whether you are short-sighted, long sighted, have astigmatism, drier eyes, are young or old. It’s time to think again if you believed they were not for you.

2. They’re more common than you may think

The choice available means contact lenses have grown in popularity and are worn by an estimated 125 million people worldwide. You can choose from daily disposables to lenses you can wear continuously for a month to lenses that change your eye colour.

3. They are a practical alternative

Contact lenses are comfortable and easy to use. They give you more freedom and are a practical alternative for energetic sports and leisure activities – unlike glasses they won’t fall off, slide down your nose or break. You are also less likely to lose or mislay them.

4. Practice makes all the difference

If the idea of putting something in your eye makes you feel a little squeamish you are not alone. But there’s nothing to worry about, contact lenses are easy to apply. It may take a little while to get used to putting them in but after some practice you’ll soon get the hang of it. Take advice from an eye care professional who can show you how it’s done.

5. Contact lenses can’t get lost behind the eye or get permanently stuck to it

There are various misconceptions about wearing contact lenses. A thin membrane called the conjunctiva covers the white of your eyes and connects to the inside of your eyelids making it impossible for a contact lens to get lost behind the eye. While a soft contact lens can stick to the surface of your eye if it dries out, simply remoistening the lens by applying sterile saline or a multipurpose contact lens solution will get it moving again.

6. Contact lenses are safe

Wearing contact lenses is safe, but it is important to follow instructions on how to care for them, how long to wear them and how frequently you should replace them. You don’t want to run the risk of eye infections by not paying heed to the guidance and advice you will be given at your opticians.

7. You’ll still need your specs as back-up

You can’t ditch your glasses altogether as using them will give your eyes a much-needed break. It won’t detract from the freedom and flexibility of contact lenses though.

If this has opened your eyes to the benefits of contact lenses you can find help and advice at your local Scrivens branch which is also offering a free contacts lens trial, find out more here.