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Festival hearing care is music to our ears

Post on 15th June 2017

The festival season is here when thousands of music lovers head to Glastonbury and other iconic venues to experience great music and memories.

With the unpredictable British summer you’ll need to be prepared for all weathers of course by packing sunscreen and wellies.

And when you draw up your list of necessities and other handy items to take along it’s also worth considering ear plugs.

OK it may not sound too rock ‘n’ roll, but hear us out.

There’s no doubting that fantastic feeling when you get lost in the music of your favourite artists as they perform on stage, but the loud volume can harm your ears.

The buzzing or ringing noise you experience is a sign of permanent damage and the more you expose yourself to sound that loud, the more damage you will do.

You can take certain precautions, perhaps limiting the time you spend listening to the bands and keeping your distance from speakers.

And you can also use earplugs which allow you to hear the music but without risking your hearing.

Proguard makes custom fitting earplugs that are so comfortable and secure that you’ll forget you are wearing them. They won’t spoil your enjoyment but they are a sound investment so you can let the music play on.

Scrivens has a comprehensive range of earplugs that will protect your ears from damage no matter how noisy your environment. You can find out more from your local Scrivens store.