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Get yourself seen is the advice for teens

Post on 23rd August 2018

Teenage years are undoubtedly a time of change with lots going on and perhaps more of a focus or pressure on how to look good.

Looking good takes on a whole new meaning when it comes to having regular eye tests which are a vital part of staying healthy whatever your age.

When was the last time your teenager got his or her eyes tested? It’s certainly worth putting this on their ‘to do’ list during the long summer break.

Growth spurts and changes as they develop, together with increased demand to spend more time viewing computer screens and devices for schoolwork and leisure, can affect teenagers’ vision.

Scrivens is advising young people, who may not have had their eyes tested since infant school, to take control and get a check-up before they return to education in the new term. Eye tests are free for anyone up to the age of 16 or 19 if they are in full-time education.

Teenagers don’t want to be treated like children and we don’t blame them, but sometimes they need help seeing the bigger picture.

It’s better to focus less on body image and social media pressures or acquiring the latest tech gadgets and more on well-being and health even at this early stage in life.

As part of our ‘Get yourself seen’ campaign we want to encourage young people to have regular eye tests. They are free of charge, as the NHS covers the cost, and will detect changes in vision they may not be aware of and also act as a guide to general health.

Most children are given a basic eye test in reception years at school, but this does not always check everything that’s covered in a full eye examination with an optician. As they grow, their bodies go through many changes and this can include how their eyes develop.

The summer break provides an ideal opportunity for teenagers and their parents to book an eye test for them. If 16 or under a parent or guardian also needs to attend.

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