Getting equipped to stay connected

Post on 23rd January 2017

Staying connected in the modern world can be a challenge when you have a hearing loss, but help is at hand to make it easier to communicate and engage with others.

It is not only advances in hearing aid technology which have made a real difference; there are innovative devices on the market which are worth checking out to improve daily life too.

With assistance from this new kit you will be better equipped to hear the telephone ring or enjoy your favourite TV programmes without disturbing others because the volume is too high.

Manufacturers are continually looking to develop and improve products to ensure that people with hearing loss don’t miss out on what the rest of us simply take for granted.

Phones have changed so much in recent years that it’s hard to keep up with the latest trends. Are you also aware that landline and mobile phones have been specifically developed with the needs of those with hearing loss in mind? They can be highly amplified with minimal distortion, have easy-to-read displays and a vibrating alert option for incoming calls.

There’s a good choice so you can pick the one that most suits your needs. The new Amplicomms PowerTel phones, for example, offer a range of special functions which help maintain the user’s independence and ability to communicate.

Another useful assistive device from Amplicomms is its TV 2500, a wireless TV listener which hangs down from the ears and is suitable for those who do NOT wear hearing aids.

The receiver has a built-in microphone. When you wish to hear family and friends you simply press the large button on the front of the receiver to activate the microphone, and the sound from the TV will be muted. Press the button again and you can return to listening to the TV.

The device helps you listen more clearly to your TV, radio etc. without leads trailing across the floor and to enjoy the sound at your own volume without disturbing others.

Scrivens Opticians & Hearing Care has a range of assistive devices which can be purchased online, so why not browse our hearing accessory range today.