Give yourself the gift of hearing this Christmas

Post on 2nd December 2016

There is nothing like the festive season with one social engagement after another.  From the Christmas office party, drinks with friends to the buzz of the family gathering on the big day itself, December is a time for fun, social interaction.

But for those suffering from hearing loss, this can be something of an annual nightmare. That’s why Scrivens Opticians & Hearing Care is urging people to give themselves the gift of hearing this year.

With NHS hearing care – from testing to digital hearing aids – now available on the high street, it’s never been easier to stop the silence and seek help.

Scrivens Hearing Aid Audiologist Stuart Spencer explains: “It only takes a small amount of hearing loss to have a huge impact on a person’s confidence.  For many, choosing to avoid social gatherings is the most appealing option.  It’s such a shame as so many people miss out on the magic of Christmas and joining in family festive fun.

“At Scrivens we now offer NHS hearing services from the comfort of our high street branches, so it’s so much easier to access free hearing care and hearing aids. There really is no need to suffer in silence!”

One of the first signs of hearing loss is difficulty hearing in noisy environments.  It can be especially difficult to understand speech over background noise like music.

Stuart Spencer adds: “Many people don’t know they have a hearing problem or are reluctant to seek help.  They often feel embarrassed or think they can ‘just get by’ without treatment.  But that means asking others to constantly repeat themselves, feeling left out of conversations and not fully participating in festivities that could create cherished memories.

“Neglecting hearing health can lead to increased feelings of isolation and even depression, which are often exasperated at this time of year.”

So what can you do to help make the festive season a jolly time for all:

1. Encourage your friend or relative to go for a free hearing check – a hearing loss is more noticeable than a hearing aid! The earlier signs of hearing loss are diagnosed, the easier it is to provide a solution.

2. Create the right environment. Provide good table lighting for easy lipreading.

3. Offer hearing help. This doesn’t have to be common knowledge and agree a code word in advance that means help is required in a hearing situation.  Be sure to sit close enough together.

4. Provide a quiet room. Create a sanctuary for those struggling to hear (or for those simply craving a bit of down time from the hustle and bustle).

5. Keep the music down.  Background music during parties and gatherings can be wonderful but if too loud it can create a lot of background noise that is difficult for all.

To find out how you can give someone the gift of hearing this Christmas visit our home page.