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Hearing aids give alert when wearer falls

Post on 29th January 2020

Listen up, there’s a new-style hearing aid that not only helps people to hear better, but also tracks overall health and wellness and can alert others should the wearer have a fall.

With the assistance of artificial intelligence and integrated sensors, the Livio AI from Starkey really is a mini marvel. It’s been developed to provide superior sound quality while also having brain tracking technology to help combat cognitive decline and detect a fall.

You’ll have heard of fitness tracking devices that use the wrist, but the ear is said to provide more accurate data.

The sensors in this hearing aid provide body and brain tracking, detecting when a user is likely to or has had a fall. The information can be sent as a text alert to family members and can also relay the location of the wearer via a tag.

With around a third of people aged over 65, and around half of people aged 80-plus having a fall at least once a year, it certainly has practical benefits.

It’s also a great example of how hearing aid technology continues to advance and enhance the lives of people with hearing loss.

The new Livio AI is available from Scrivens, where staff can provide more details of this amazing hearing aid and the difference it can make.

Anyone with concerns about their hearing is welcome to call into one of our branches for help and support. An annual hearing health check is recommended for anyone over 50 to identify any changes and see what action is needed.

We provide a free NHS hearing service for people who are eligible and have been referred by their GP.

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