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Hearing aids work – but it does take practice!

Post on 17th March 2017

Far too many hearing aids end up gathering dust in drawers, simply because their owners don’t think they work.

However, they do work – but it can take practice, says Scrivens Opticians & Hearing Care, which is one of the UK’s leading providers of NHS and private hearing care.

Scrivens hearing aid audiologist, Stuart Spencer, said: “Many people who adopt a hearing aid think they are going to enjoy instant rewards, just like putting on a pair of spectacles.  But unlike glasses, the brain has to adapt to a hearing aid and learn to hear again.  It takes practice.

“This can lead to frustration and disappointment, so people simply give up.”

Here is Scrivens’ seven point plan to hearing rehabilitation:

1.Visit your GP for a NHS hearing test referral
2. Arrange to get your hearing tested by a qualified hearing aid audiologist – visit Scrivens home page to find your nearest branch
3. Find the right hearing aid for your needs
4. Have your hearing aid fitted properly
5. Test your hearing aid in real-life situations
6. Practice, practice, practice
7. Arrange and attend follow-up visits with your hearing aid audiologist

“Getting your hearing aid fitted is only part of the journey,” added Stuart.  “It’s vital that users seek ongoing support and advice to make sure they are getting the most out of their device.  And if it’s not working, speak up but don’t give up!”

If you are concerned about your hearing visit the Scrivens home page to find your nearest branch.