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Hearing loss growing on global stage

Post on 5th May 2021

Have you heard that the World Health Organization predicts one in four people – nearly 2.5 billion people worldwide – will be living with some degree of hearing loss by 2050?

WHO recognises the need to invest in and expand access to hearing care services and hopes countries will take this sobering statistic on board and take action to prevent and address hearing loss.

It wants to see ear and hearing care integrated into national health systems with more emphasis on prevention, early identification and management of hearing loss and ear diseases.

The approach is needed says WHO, because untreated hearing loss can have a devastating impact on people’s ability to communicate, to study and to earn a living. It can also affect people’s mental health and their ability to sustain relationships.

With economic inequality around the world, access to services will vary. The UK is fortunate in having services readily available to screen people’s ear health, to offer treatment and provide solutions to live a better life.

It’s no fun trying to engage with the world around you when you are struggling to hear. It impacts your quality of life, your ability to make the most of opportunities and it affects your mental wellbeing.

If this sounds familiar it’s probably the right time to seek help and advice. There is no cure but hearing loss can be treated. If you need hearing aids you will be amazed by technological advances and how tiny aids can make a huge difference.

With NHS hearing tests and digital hearing aids accessible on the high street it makes sense to see what help is out there.

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