Hearing loss hits the big screen!

Post on 28th July 2017

Hollywood isn’t noted for featuring lead characters with hearing impairment so let’s have a shout out for hit movie Baby Driver.

This all-action crime caper centres on a young getaway driver with tinnitus who uses music to drown out the ringing in his ears. With a strong cast, impressive set pieces and a great soundtrack, the film is proving a winner at the box office.

It is also raising awareness of tinnitus to a wider audience.

The condition can strike at any age; it is more common in people who have hearing loss or other ear problems but it also affects those with normal hearing.

There is no cure but there are effective ways to manage it – driving around at high speed to escape the law while tuned into great sounds is not recommended!

One in ten adults are affected by the ringing, buzzing or humming in the ears which characterises tinnitus and around 30% of people will experience tinnitus at some point in their lives.

While the exact causes are not known, frequent, prolonged exposure to loud noise increases the risk of getting tinnitus, or of making it worse.

If you value your hearing it is advisable to avoid very loud sounds, or protect your ears against them, because once hearing is damaged there is no cure.