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How to prevent headlight dazzle for glasses wearers

Post on 12th January 2021

Do you suffer from headlight dazzle? If yes, you are not alone.

With shorter days, we spend more time in winter driving in the dark.  It can be an issue when bright LED headlights intensify the problem for glasses wearers, who can become dazzled by the brightness.

In a recent survey, 67% of Scrivens Opticians customers admitted to being dazzled by headlights, yet 87% said they don’t get their eyesight checked ahead of winter driving.

The findings are backed by an RAC survey that found an estimated 16.1m drivers in the UK experience some form of headlight dazzle, with 91% of motorists saying they find at least some car headlights too bright. About six in ten drivers say they are unable to tell if headlights are dipped or on full beam.

Thankfully, there are specific driving lenses available that can help you ‘prepare for the glare’.

SCRIVENS OPTOMETRIST SAYS: “January is the worst month for car accidents as winter weather sets in causing treacherous road conditions. We recommend drivers ‘prepare for the glare’ and get their eyes tested, in the same way they get their cars winter ready. There are even specific driving lenses that can minimise the dazzle of car headlights and help people see better in low light conditions.”

To reduce the dazzle from headlights we suggest:

• Purchase driving lenses that partially reflect specific light wavelengths responsible for glare. ZEISS DriveSafe lenses, for example, reduce up to 64% of perceived glare
• Clean your lenses with a specialist glasses lens cloth before you head out for a drive. Smudges and fingerprints can increase headlight glare
• Replace your glasses if they are damaged
• Keep your windscreen clean and smear free as a dirty windscreen can increase glare from headlights

If you need advice about your eyesight or have any concerns about your eyes, please call your local Scrivens branch. Alternatively, visit the Scrivens Winter Eye Care Hub which is full of top tips for driving safely.