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Intelligent Hearing Aids – Five Things You Should Know

Post on 17th February 2022

No longer confined to the realms of science fiction, Artificial Intelligence (AI) is being harnessed to change how we live and work in so many ways.

It’s certainly having an impact on hearing aids as these mini marvels continue to be  improved and developed with a range of features and benefits to suit people’s needs.

Here are five things you should know about intelligent hearing aids which improve the listening experience by adapting to the individual’s needs and improving sound quality.

1. You can connect your hearing aid to your mobile phone
If you struggle with phone conversations because you can never hear the other person, mobile phone connectivity means you can now take the call directly from your hearing aid.

2. You can control your hearing aids from your mobile device, making adjusting to new environments easier than ever.
No longer will a change in environment overwhelm you with new sounds, you can discreetly adjust the settings on your hearing aid from your mobile phone, and nobody will be any the wiser.

3. You can reduce background noise in loud environments to focus directly on the person you’re speaking with
Dull the whirl of passers-by or background music by simply turning it down.

 4. You can say goodbye to loud TV volume by having sound directed straight to your hearing aids

 5. All this technology can fit inside hearing aids that are smaller than ever

Intelligent hearing aids allow the brain to work in the most natural way possible which makes for a better experience.

Advanced technology means there are hearing aids to help combat cognitive decline and detect a fall. You’ll have heard of fitness tracking devices that use the wrist, but the ear is said to provide more accurate data.

The sensors in the hearing aid provide body and brain tracking, detecting when a user is likely to or has a fall. The information can be sent as a text alert to family members and can also relay the location of the wearer via a tag.

Your Hearing Aid Audiologist can explain all the benefits of these premium devices and whether their advanced features would suit your lifestyle and budget.

Buying a hearing aid is a big decision and the choice can feel daunting. Scrivens has a full range of hearing aid styles with different levels of technology. Its professional, experienced and friendly staff can help you make the right choice taking all your needs into account.

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