Listen out for hearing aid developments

Post on 16th November 2016

Hearing loss no longer has to have an isolating and life changing impact thanks to advances in hearing aid technology.

Improvements are being made all the time with continual investment in research and development, which is good news for consumers.

If you have had the same hearing aid for a long time it might be worth investigating what is now available and what significant difference it can make to assist you and your lifestyle.

Smaller devices which deliver impressive sound quality are ideal for people who are looking for hearing aids that are easy to use, fully automatic in most situations, and provide a high level of listening comfort.

The premium Juna range with wireless connectivity from manufacturer Bernafon certainly fits into this category. The Juna 7 amplifies all types of sounds naturally, accurately and automatically, providing excellent performance in a broad range of demanding listening environments whether that is at home, outdoors, in meetings, while out shopping or in the workplace.

The Juna 9 is at the top of the premium range at Scrivens. Like the Juna 7 it has a ChannelFree feature for automatic sound adjustment for listening comfort. It has been designed and built to meet the most challenging listening situations, including listening to music, watching movies, and group conversation.

For more information on how hearing aids are changing and how they can help you please call in at one of our Scrivens branches for advice.

We won’t blind you with science but we will assess your needs and give professional assistance.