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Listen to the warnings on noise

Post on 25th April 2018

Global campaigns sometimes feel a world away and don’t always hit home.

Today’s International Noise Awareness Day should have a resonance with all of us though because excessive noise is not just annoying, it is bad for our wellbeing. In the short term noise causes stress, which affects our health, and in the long term noise causes hearing loss.

The US-based Center for Hearing and Communication founded this yearly event in 1996 to encourage people to do something about the bothersome noise where they work, live and play.

The idea was that we should no longer accept that noise is a natural by-product of an industrial society; that communities and individuals could and should do something about it.

If activism is not for you, making small changes should be more accessible. For example, we can think about the level of noise we make, we can turn the volume down, wear ear protectors and choose quieter pastimes.

Our ears are sensitive and once damaged they cannot be repaired so its sound advice to do all we can to protect our hearing. You are more at risk if you spend a lot of time in noisy environments or engage in particular sports.

Scrivens has a comprehensive range of earplugs that will protect your ears from damage, no matter how noisy your environment.

If you have any worries about your hearing you can find help and advice and free hearing health checks at your local Scrivens branch.

These simple checks take just 15-20 minutes to complete using a hearing screener and the results will indicate whether a more thorough hearing check is required.

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