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Look out for signs of hearing loss this Christmas

Post on 20th December 2017

From carol singing to jingle bells and party celebrations to family reunions, the Christmas season is abuzz with happy sounds.

It’s traditionally that time of year reserved for our nearest and dearest; a whirl of activity and excitement and hectic rounds of social gatherings.

In the midst of the festive fun however, some family members may not be joining in as much as they used to and this may be because of hearing problems.

So please look out for tell-tale signs and advise them to seek help because it will make a real difference to their lives.

One of the first signs of hearing loss is difficulty hearing in noisy environments.

Other early signs of hearing loss include:

1. Difficulty hearing other people clearly and misunderstanding what they say
2. Asking people to repeat themselves
3. Listening to music or watching television with the volume turned up high
4. Difficulty hearing the telephone or doorbell
5. Regularly feeling tired or stressed, due to having to concentrate closely while listening

More than 10 million in the UK are affected by hearing loss, yet fewer than half seek assistance.

With NHS hearing care – from testing to digital hearing aids – now available on the high street, it’s never been easier to seek help. There is no need for the people you care about to suffer in silence

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