Make-up tips to help contact lens wearers

Post on 9th December 2016

Make-up can add extra interest and sparkle to the face and eyes and at this sociable time of year it really comes into its own.

Contact lens wearers need to be careful though and follow some simple guidelines to keep their eyes healthy because it’s so easy to irritate your contacts with make-up.

Please always wash and dry your hands before applying make-up and put your contact lenses in first to avoid getting any residue on the lenses.

Choose oil-free, fragrance free and hypoallergenic products which are less likely to irritate the eyes. A water-based foundation is also preferable as cream-based ones can leave a film on your lenses. Eyeliner if used should be applied above the lashes rather than along the inner eyelid or lash line.

Mascara is a must-have for many women. Water-resistant or long lasting mascara is best to prevent flaking and smudging; avoid the ones with lash building fibres because they can damage your lenses. It is also advisable to avoid fake lashes as the glue may cause irritation.

Choose your make-up brushes carefully as poor quality ones could shed bristles which can get into your eyes. Keeping your eyes closed when you apply powder is another useful tip. Don’t forget to remove your contact lenses before you take off your eye make-up.

Remember the hygiene rules of not sharing make-up as eye infections can be passed on. Make-up should be replaced regularly to keep it fresh and hygienic.

However tempting it may be, please do not wear make-up near your eyes or put in your lenses if your eyes are swollen, red or irritated.

Following such advice will help you make the most of your contact lenses which remain a great alternative to wearing glasses.

If you have never tried contact lenses but feel the benefits would enhance your lifestyle, you can have a free contact lens trial with Scrivens. Simply call into your local branch for more details and advice on eye care.