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Put yourself in the frame when it comes to style

Post on 11th May 2018

Some people have an innate sense of style that seems to come to them naturally.

But many of us have to work a little bit harder on finding what really suits us, with a few fashion mistakes along the way, to feel happy with our choices.

You don’t have to slavishly follow the latest trends though; simply making a few changes to update your look can be a real confidence booster, whatever your age.

So why not set your sights on a new pair of glasses to see the difference they can make?

Eyewear is not just a practical means to improve your vision, it reflects how you want to see and be seen.

There is a wide choice of frames available for work and play to put the focus on your individual style and personality and make you feel good.

And if you don’t know what style, shape and colour suits your personality, face shape, hair colour or complexion, help is at hand.

Selected Scrivens branches will be running special evening style clinics from later this month to help you make your choice in a relaxed setting.

It’s a chance to try frames from leading brands and designers with guidance from our friendly, experienced and professional team.

Don’t worry if you can’t make these events, you’ll be assured of a warm welcome whenever you call into any one of our high street stores.

You can also check out the Scrivens style guide for some useful pointers to put yourself in the frame for a new look.

Check out our Facebook event here to see if your local branch is taking part in our Fashion event.