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Say again – the misused sayings that could hint at hearing loss

Post on 17th April 2019

It’s International Noise Awareness Day today (24 April) when we are encouraged to consider the effects of noise on people’s life and health and what we can do about it. Trying to make out what is said in noisy environments is not just inconvenient; it can lead to misunderstandings and damage our hearing over time too. Research for Scrivens came up with a top ten of misused phrases or sayings that may have started off with someone simply not hearing them correctly in the first place.

They are known as eggcorns, phrases that often mean something different to the original yet make some kind of sense.

1. To be pacific (instead of to be specific)
2. An escape goat (instead of a scapegoat)
3. Damp squid (instead of damp squib)
4. Nipped it in the butt (instead of nipped in the bud)
5. On tender hooks (instead of on tenterhooks)
6. Cold slaw (instead of coleslaw)
7. A doggie-dog world (instead of dog-eat-dog world)
8. Lack toast and tolerant (instead of lactose intolerant)
9. Got off scotch free (instead of got off scot-free)

You can’t help but smile at the above and indeed our poll found 35 per cent of people admitted to saying an eggcorn. It’s not surprising when we mishear in noisy situations or if people do not speak clearly, but it could also suggest our hearing is not what it once was. In the UK some 11 million people have some degree of hearing loss so it is more common than you may think.

Once our hearing is damaged it cannot be restored which makes it all the more important to do all we can to look after it. Help is available with hearing aid technology that can make a real difference.

It is easy to access NHS hearing care on the high street so why not consider it? If you are concerned about your hearing please call into your nearest Scrivens branch for advice. Scrivens recommend an annual hearing health check for anyone over 50 to identify any changes and see what action is needed.

We provide a free NHS hearing service for people who are eligible and have been referred by their GP.

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