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See clearly on UV risks

Post on 28th April 2021

With brighter days ahead in more ways than one, the promise of sunshine and the call of the outdoors is reason for hope and energy.

Seeing the positive side is natural and the opportunities to get out more will lift spirits for many. It’s also a good time to think about protecting your eyes from the sun’s rays, even when you think the risks are minimal.

It’s not just in the glare of strong sunlight when the dangers are there. Did you know that up to 95% of harmful radiation can penetrate clouds and damage your eyes and skin? Prolonged exposure to UV light can contribute to a number of eye health conditions such as cataracts.

Sunglasses should offer UV protection but they are not the only option. We also offer a range of clear spectacle lenses from ZEISS, which provide full UV protection, all day, every day. These lenses come with UVProtect Technology built in, protecting your eyes for the lifetime of your lens. So even on dull days, when you don’t feel the need to reach for your shades, you will get the protection you need with your clear glasses.

If you would like information on these UV protection lenses or indeed general eye health advice the team at your local Scrivens branch will be happy to help.

Our branches are open with Covid-secure measures in place.

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