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Seek help if hearing is hard work

Post on 12th January 2018

It’s a quieter time of year now the Christmas and New Year break has gone, after giving many of us a welcome boost and some great memories.

But did you find the festivities hard work because you found it difficult to hear on social occasions or in busy spaces? It’s frustrating not quite catching what was said and feeling left out when you can’t join in.

If you are struggling to hear at times, and Christmas presented more of a challenge because of this, you can do something about it.

It’s a more common problem than you may think with one in six of us having some degree of hearing loss – that’s a whopping ten million in the UK. Yet according to the charity Action on Hearing Loss only around 40% of people who need hearing aids have them.

Ignoring the problem is not advisable; it’s not just the inconvenience it entails but the risk of more serious consequences. Hearing loss can lead to social isolation which can add to mental health problems such as depression. There is also concern that it can increase the risk of developing dementia.

If you’ve noticed your hearing is not what it once was, it is worth making a New Year’s resolution to do something about it and booking a hearing test.

NHS hearing tests and digital hearing aids are available on the high street so it’s easy to seek help. For accessible professional advice on hearing care, please call into your local Scrivens branch.

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