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Ten reasons to choose contact lenses

Post on 5th May 2017

Contact lenses are a great alternative to wearing spectacles, offering more flexibility and a whole new outlook. If you are thinking of making the switch but still undecided here are some good reasons to give them a go.

1. Contact lenses are safe, comfortable and easy to use
2. Contact lenses sit directly on your eye providing a wider field of view than glasses
3. They are a practical alternative for your energetic sports and leisure activities – they won’t fall off, slide down your nose or break
4. You are less likely to lose or mislay them somewhere like your glasses
5. Unlike frames you don’t have to worry if they suit your face, your personality or what you are wearing
6. There is a choice from daily disposables to lenses you can wear continuously for a month to lenses that change your eye colour
7. With contacts there are no annoying obstructions or reflections in view
8. You don’t have to concern yourself about keeping up with the latest designs in frame fashions
9. You can wear them in any weather, they won’t fog up when the temperature changes or blur your vision in the rain
10. Finally they’ll let the natural you shine through as people see your eyes clearly!

If this has opened your eyes to wearing contact lenses you can find advice and the opportunity for a free contacts lens trial by visiting your local Scrivens branch.