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The First Signs you might need a Hearing Aid

Post on 11th October 2018

The first signs you might need a hearing aid

It may not always be obvious that your hearing is deteriorating.  Sometimes, those you are close to will notice it first before you do. Hearing loss is a common problem in the UK, it is estimated that over 11 million people have some kind of hearing loss in the UK – that is one in six people. If you are unsure whether you are experiencing hearing loss, read on for our list of hearing loss symptoms.

Hearing loss symptoms

Here are some early warning signs that you might be experiencing hearing loss:

  • Misunderstanding or mishearing what people say. Especially in a noisy area
  • Complaining that people are mumbling
  • Regularly asking people to repeat themselves
  • Listening to music or the TV at a higher volume than others do
  • Finding it difficult to keep up with a conversation
  • Feeling tired or stressed due to having to concentrate to hear what people say
  • Having trouble hearing people over the phone
  • Starting to avoid social occasions and noisy environments
  • Have difficulty understanding someone if they are in a different room
  • Difficulty ignoring background noises or telling sounds apart

It is also possible to have hearing loss in one ear only. Sometimes this can be more difficult to detect as your other ear may be overcompensating. Symptoms of hearing loss in one ear can include:

  • You find it difficult to hear if sounds come from one side
  • Sounds seem generally quieter than usual
  • Find it difficult to tell where a sound to coming from
  • Generally finding speech unclear

Hearing loss can have a profound effect on your life. Hearing loss has been linked to mental health issues such as depression and anxiety – it has even been linked to the onset of dementia. If you think you need hearing aids the first step is to book a hearing check or pop into one of our branches for a quick and simple hearing screening.

At Scrivens, the vast majority of our branches can conduct a hearing screening. This test only takes 15-20 minutes to complete. From this test, we can assess whether you need a full hearing health check or should see your GP. Our full hearing health check is carried out by one of our qualified hearing aid Audiologists. To find your nearest branch click here.

If you can’t get to one of our branches for a while, look at our online hearing test.