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Wake up to sensible contact lens advice

Post on 17th November 2017

It’s bad enough waking up when you really want a lie-in, but much worse when you realise you have forgotten to remove your contact lenses.

That feeling when you try to get those dried out lenses off your eyes is not the best start to your morning routine and you are not alone if it has happened to you.

But such forgetfulness, while understandable, should be taken seriously because falling asleep while wearing contact lenses is bad for your eyes. It can not only increase your risk of eye infections, it can also irritate your eyes and cause problems with your cornea, the front surface of the eye.

Only contact lenses made from ultra-breathable materials and approved for overnight wear should be used and even these are subject to a time limit of up to 30 consecutive days.

There is no doubt that contact lenses have changed lives for many people, providing  an attractive alternative to spectacles and being better suited to their lifestyles.

Advances in technology mean contact lenses are more comfortable and easier to use. Daily disposables are particularly convenient because no cleaning or solutions are required while monthly/fortnightly disposables are great value for money.

Contact lenses have much to recommend them so it makes sense to follow the rules to ensure good eye health. With the festive party season fast approaching, and no matter how tired you feel after a night out, please remember to remove your contact lenses before you go to sleep.

If you have never tried contact lenses but feel they would enhance your lifestyle, you can arrange your free contact lens trial here