When it comes to personal style the eyes have it

Post on 18th January 2017

Remember the days when wearing a pair of specs was uncool and to be avoided if at all possible?

To say times have changed is an eye-popping understatement. In a style revolution, driven by celebrity culture and greater consumer choice, glasses are viewed much more positively.

They have evolved from a necessity for sight correction to a style statement.

Now it’s not just about seeing better but looking better too with glasses that reflect your individual personality and style.

There is so much choice that you can change your look with ease simply by the glasses you select.

Famous faces have led the way by showing it’s cool to wear glasses while posing on the red carpet for example, while others in the public eye have transformed what was once considered nerdy into geek chic.

Anything goes; the key is to use eyewear with confidence, whether inspired by your favourite star or fashion trends or just by how you view your personal image.

Developments in materials and lenses have opened our eyes to colour and pattern. We can choose glasses to suit different lifestyles and even different outfits and hairstyles.

You may have an image for work that requires one look but you can experiment with different styles of glasses for your leisure time. The ‘fast fashion’ of clothing lines has been reflected by eyewear manufacturers keen to bring new designs and creativity to the market.

The fashion world has helped to change perceptions of glasses and opened up so many possibilities.

So if you fancy making a style statement, having some fun with frames or creating a look which gives you more confidence, it’s time to act.

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