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GP Testimonials

  • “I am writing to say how impressed I was with the letter I have just seen. Compared to other services and opticians it has been the clearest and most informative one I have ever come across! Very professional and clear. Some other companies are seriously lacking in the detail and information you have very kindly and helpfully provided, and saves me the time and brain ache of calling up to check aids were issued and the client is to be followed up!”
  • “Excellent service for our patients, they like being able to book appointment for a simple in-house hearing test”
  • “A good option for patient choice”
  • “We are happy with the service and the staff provided work well, patients enjoy access to the practice”
  • “A very good service well received by our patients.”
  • “Excellent service for our patients”
  • “Patients appreciate a local service and avoids them having to travel and pay car parking charges and especially the follow-up service provided. “
  • “Very positive feedback from patients. “
  • “Your Hearing Aid Audiologist is doing a very good job and giving very good service. Very good communication and patients like her. Well done. “
  • “Good overall service.”
  • “We are happy with the service & the staff provided work well.”