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Information for GPs

Scrivens Hearing Care has been accredited by a significant number of Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs) as providers of NHS Adult Hearing Services in the local community. We are able to provide a truly patient focused service with excellent clinical care in our high street branches, where we also provide NHS eyecare, or within medical centres.

Following the recent move by the Department of Health to encourage greater patient choice and easier access to health care, the provision of NHS Adult Hearing Services is now being provided by NHS Qualified Providers. This means that accredited providers are now able to fit patients with free NHS hearing aids within the local community, at the standard NHS hospital tariff. In areas where Scrivens Hearing Care can provide this service, we are keen to work closely with GPs to raise awareness of this service and ensure patients can take advantage of the benefits now available to them.

Why Scrivens Hearing Care?

The introduction of NHS hearing services on the high street has greatly improved customer choice, reduced waiting times and delivered a more accessible and flexible hearing service in the local community. This ensures that not only are our hearing services to a very high standard but you can have your hearing checked in minutes and our qualified hearing aid audiologists can recommend if any further action should be taken.

Offering this service within your medical centre

We can operate a full NHS hearing service from within your surgery, enabling you to extend the range of healthcare services you offer your patients. Having a fully qualified Hearing Aid Audiologist on-site will give your patients direct access to this service in a convenient and familiar location.

To provide this service, all we need is regular access to a suitable consulting room which we will rent from you at an agreed rate. We can offer this service on a fully flexible basis to match both the needs of your practice and your patients, and we will work with you to agree the best way forward.

Providing this service from our branches

You can refer your patients directly to one of our Scrivens Hearing Care branches, where our team will arrange the service at the patient’s convenience.

Scrivens Hearing Care now offers the NHS Adult Hearing Service which is directly bookable via NHS e-Referral. This will not only speed up assessment waiting times but also provide you with peace of mind that the appointment has been confirmed for your patient.

Our Hearing Aid Audiologist will then carry out the assessment and fitting in our purpose built consulting rooms. The patient can also attend their local branch for all aftercare and any additional assistance required. As our branches are open six days a week, we can offer them a truly flexible service to meet the individual needs of each patient, along with meeting their NHS eyecare needs for added convenience. You can read our GP testimonials here.