Pandemic is an eye opener

Post on 7th August 2020

Been feeling the strain of remote working?  Well it’s also taking a toll on our eyesight according to our OnePoll survey, where almost 60% of respondents complained of eye strain during lockdown.

Our research of 2,000 adults also found the pandemic has been a ‘real eye-opener’ for 42 per cent of adults – as far as their health is concerned.

“I spend too much time looking at screens”, “I need glasses”, “I need a hearing test” and “I need to drink less alcohol” are also some of the lessons the nation has learnt about their health over the past few months.

Half of those polled also don’t consider the impact of their lifestyle on their eye health.

This includes not taking into account how a poor diet could lead to diabetes or addressing the potential damage to their vision of looking at screens all day.

This may in part explain why as many as 57 per cent of adults said they regularly suffer with eye strain.

A Scrivens Opticians & Hearing Care spokesperson said: “As we are spending much more time using screens to communicate with colleagues, friends and family the strain on our eyes is intense, so it’s vital that we give as much priority to booking an eye test as we do returning to the pub or getting a haircut.”

The same study revealed that half of those polled are apprehensive about booking an appointment in the wake of the pandemic.

“We have taken every possible precaution to make sure our branches are safe for customers and for staff too.  It’s so important that we take care of our eyesight and go for regular checks every two years, as they are the window to our general health too, as an eye test can detect so much more than a deterioration in our vision,” the Scrivens spokesperson added.

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