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Remember, remember…fireworks can damage your hearing

Post on 5th November 2018

A dazzling fireworks display is a spectacle to behold while the sound effects seem to get louder every year.

If you are hosting or attending a firework party this November 5th let’s hope it’s an enjoyable and safe one, but amid the excitement don’t forget to protect your ears.

Noise induced hearing loss is caused by exposure to loud sounds that measure over 85 decibels. That sound could be sustained over time or it could be brief, like an explosion or firework. Some fireworks displays can reach above 120 decibels, equivalent to a jet taking off, so it’s worth taking precautions.

– Wear earplugs to muffle loud noises and keep them from damaging your ears. You’ll still be able to hear and join in the fun but not at the expense of your hearing
– Protect children’s hearing with a pair of ear defenders
– Keep a safe distance away from fireworks to reduce the impact on your ears

Loud noise can damage or destroy the sensitive hair cells in our ears which we need to send signals to our brain so we can hear and understand. Noise-induced hearing loss can be prevented if we take action, but it is a concern because the damage cannot be undone.

It’s a sound investment to buy quality ear plugs because they can be used on other occasions from rock concerts to attending football matches.

It makes sense to look after your hearing so we’re sounding out about it as part of Hearing Awareness Month.

If you have any concerns about hearing loss you can find help and advice and free hearing checks at your local Scrivens branch.

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